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Elected Officials

Oklahoma 2nd Congressional District
Representative Josh Breechen Website

United States Senator For Oklahoma
Senator James Lankford, District 1 Website

United States Senator For Oklahoma
Senator Markwayne Mullin, District 2 Website


Following The Louisiana Purchase from France in 1803, the United States government relocated Indian tribes from the southeastern United States to the area, and by 1900 over 30 Indian tribes had been moved to what was originally called the Indian Territories.

Oklahoma became the 46th state in 1907, following several acts that incorporated more Indian tribal land into U.S. territory. After its inclusion in the Union, Oklahoma became a center for oil production. 


Senator Micheal Bergstrom, District 1 Website

Representative Steve Bashore, District 7 Website

Nine Tribal Nations call Miami Home!

Native Americans and their culture are major players of life in Miami.  Their presence is felt throughout the community. The nine Tribal Nations make Miami/Ottawa County their home headquarters – Miami, Ottawa, Peoria, Shawnee, Eastern Shawnee, Modoc, Quapaw, Wyandotte, and Seneca-Cayuga.

Approximately 5,170 Ottawa County residents identify themselves as American Indian and most of them claim membership in the nine tribal nations.  According to the 2010 census figures, Native Americans make up 18.5% of the county population and almost 8.9% of Oklahoma’s population.

An Inter-Tribal Council consisting of the nine tribal nations work together to preserve American Indian cultural values and to enhance and promote general educational and economic opportunities for tribes and tribal members.

The tribal nations are faithful partners in the community by contributing to social causes, charity events, school programs, youth activities and economic growth. The nations work individually and join hands to create a quality of life through health, education, and economic well-being for their tribal families, as well as infuses the Miami region with quality jobs and continued growth.

Logo Tribe Eastern-Shawnee-Tribe-of-Oklahoma-500x500

Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma

Chief Glenna Wallace
12755 S. 705 Rd.
Wyandotte, OK  74370

Logo Tribe Miami 500x500

Miami Nation

Chief Douglas Lankford
3410 P Street
Miami, OK  74354

Logo Tribe Modoc 500x500

Modoc Nation

Chief Robert Burkybile
22 N. Eight Tribes Trail
Miami, OK  74354

Logo Tribe ottawa 500x500

Ottawa Tribe

13 Hwy 69A
Miami, OK  74354

Logo Tribe peoria 500x500

Peoria Tribe of Indians

Chief Craig Harper
118 S. Eight Tribes Trail
Miami, OK  74354

Logo Tribe quapaw 500x500

Quapaw Tribe

Chairwoman Wena Supernaw
5681 South 630 Rd.
Quapaw, OK 74363

Logo Tribe seneca cayuga 500x500

Seneca-Cayuga Tribe

Chief Charlie Diebold
23701 S 655 Rd.
Grove, OK  74344

Logo Tribe shawnee 500x500

Shawnee Tribe

Chief Ben Barnes
29 South Hwy 69A
Miami, OK 74354

Logo Tribe wyandotte 500x500

Wyandotte Nation

Chief Billy Friend
64700 E Hwy 60
Wyandotte, OK  74370

Ottawa County, founded in 1907, is a county located in the northeastern corner of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. As of the 2014 census, the population was 32,105.  Its county seat is Miami. The county was named for the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma.

This county is part of the Tri-state District, a center of lead and zinc mining through the first half of the 20th century. The county is also home to Nine Tribal Nations whom have been a part of the area since before the incorporation of Ottawa County.

Ottawa County Courthouse & Services
102 E. Central Ave., #104
Miami, OK  74354

County Officials
Mike Furnas, Commissioner District 1 Website

Larry McElhany, Commissioner District 2 Website

Scott Hilton, Commissioner District 3 Website

David Dean, County Sheriff Website Website

Becky Smith, County Assessor Website

Robyn Mitchell, County Clerk Website

Kathy Bowling, County Treasurer Website

Cassie Key, Court Clerk Website

Since its founding in 1886, Afton is continually growing. In recent years, access to Grand Lake and Route 66 have provided many opportunities for travelers to discover this community.

Townhall Address
201 S.E. 1st St. Afton OK 74331

Elected Officials
Mayor- Mary Hudspeth
Vice Mayor- Christi McChurin
Trustee- Carol Turner
Trustee- Mike Nelson
Trustee- Jason Spears
City Clerk- Bobby Baumann
City Treasurer- Rebecca Collins

What was initially a mining camp owned by the Commerce Mining and Royalty Company in 1914. Commerce has evolved into a community idea idea idea...

City Hall
618 Commerce Avenue
Commerce, Oklahoma 74339

Elected Officials
Mayor- Elijah Redden 
Ward 1- Sharon (Katy) Tompkins Email
Ward 2- Gary Howard Email
Ward 3- Sandra Ross Email
Ward 4- Jake Martin Email

Laid out along the tracks of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railway (Frisco), which was built from Missouri to Vinita in 1871, Fairland has grown to a community of 1,107. 

Townhall Address
28 N Main St
Fairland, OK 74343

Elected Officials
Mayor- Nick Bowers

The City of Miami was incorporated in 1891 and is now considered a full-service community.  The municipal government consists of two divisions:  General Government and Department of Public Utilities.  Miami is governed by a City Charter form of government.  Our elected officials consist of an elected Mayor and one representative of the people from four wards within the city limits.

The City of Miami offers a wide range of public services, including, police and fire protection, parks and recreation, streets, cemetery, public utilities, and general administration.  The City of Miami provides residents and businesses with the highest reliable public service while providing those services at some of the most affordable costs in Northeast Oklahoma.

Civic Center Address
129 5th Avenue NW
P.O. Box 1288
Miami, OK 74355

Elected Officials
Mayor- Bless Parker 
Council Member Ward 1- Brian Estep
Council Member Ward 2- Kevin Dunkel
Council Member Ward 3- Dwain Sundberg
Council Member Ward 4- Brad Williams

In 1891, Kansas farmer Isaac Bingham moved his family south into Ottawa County, then part of land assigned to the Quapaw Nation. It became part of the state of Oklahoma in 1907 after admission. The family founded a community and opened several businesses. The town was incorporated in 1917.  The current population is 806.

City Hall Address
410 South Main Street

Elected Officials
Mayor/Ward 4- Bud Dunning
Ward 1- Mickey Johnson
Ward 2- Charlie Daniels
Ward 3- Jason Garrison
Ward 5- Dallas Wall
Treasurer/Clerk- Lacey Richardson

Originally named Prairie City, the post office was renamed to the city's current name in 1894 after the Wyandotte tribe. According to the 2020 census, Wyandotte has a population of 512. 

City Hall Address
12 S Main
Wyandotte, OK 74370

Elected Officials
Mayor- Leon Crow
Council member- Rick Davis
Council member- Terrin Turner 
City Clerk:- Annetta McLaughlin