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Chamber Board of Directors


Objective: The Board of Directors shall govern and set policy for the Chamber, make decisions representing the membership, and provide direction, support, and necessary resources to conduct the Chamber’s business plan.

Members: Elected by the membership and by appointment

Meeting Date:  4th Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. 


Objective:  The Executive Committee shall act for the Board of Directors between Board meetings, oversee the Chamber’s business plan implementation, and employ and provide direction to the President/Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber

Members:  Officers & President/CEO

Meeting Date:  3rd Thursday, 9:30 a.m.

Chair: Lynn Forkum, Integris Miami Hospital


Objective:  This committee shall ensure the Chamber of Commerce remains fiscally sound and that all monies are managed in a prudent manner.

Members:  By appointment

Meeting Date:  3rd Wednesday, 12 Noon

Chair:  Starla Martin, Westco Home Furnishings


Objective: This committee shall serve as the retention team and retain existing members, assist in recruitment of new members, and serve as the official goodwill diplomats for the Miami Regional Chamber of Commerce. Joining this team is an option members can exercise to increase their commitment to the Chamber while gaining additional exposure for themselves and their business. Ambassadors can expect to spend 1-3 hours per month on Ambassador duties.

Members:  Open to any Chamber member

Meeting Date:  2nd Wednesday, 12:30 – 1:00 followed by "Ambassador Ambush" on Chamber Members

Co-Chairs:  Julie Hutchison, Ottawa County Abstract & Title | Dana Douthitt, Family Dental Associates

Ambassador Handbook and Application


Objective:  This committee is responsible for establishing program curriculum, coordinating, and facilitating each session, and serving as interview/selection team of program applicants. The Leadership Miami Committee is made up of LM Alumni.

Members:  Leadership Miami Alumni

Meeting Date:  Various

Chair:  Michelle Turley, Family Dental Associates


Objective:  This committee is responsible for evaluating member investment rates annually, coordinating new member recruitment process, creating member investment marketing materials, and evaluating overall retention efforts.

Members:  By appointment

Meeting Date:  Various

Co-Chairs:  Kelly Friend, Bearskin Healthcare & Wellness Center | Toby Fry, Service Solutions


Objective: The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying the best candidates for different director positions and coordinating the election of officers. They shall review and amend (or propose amendment of) the corporate governance policies of an organization related to this process.

Members:  By appointment

Meeting Date:  Various

Chair:  Debbie Fry, Gallagher Benefit Services


Objective: This committee is responsible for planning and coordinating special Chamber events, including the Employee Extravaganza, MRCC Awards Gala, and Crackin’ Crab. They shall collaborate with staff to coordinate all aspects of these events, including programming, arrangements for food/beverage and decorations, and coordinate event marketing.

Members:  By appointment

Meeting Date:  Various

Co-Chairs:  Megan Bushman, Welch State Bank


Objective:  This committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the WIBC Luncheons and WIBC Conference & Expo. They shall arrange for speakers of all events, coordinate arrangements for food and beverage, and coordinate event marketing.

Members:  By appointment

Meeting Date:  Various

Co-Chairs:  Ashley Landon, Arvest Bank | Megan Bushman, Arvest Bank